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‚Arqueologia digital‘: o projeto MoonCats há muito adormecido leva a mania NFT à lua

O segundo projeto de colecionáveis ​​não fungíveis em Ethereum vê uma nova vida À medida que a profusão de novos projetos de tokens não fungíveis gerados por algoritmos diminui o valor da raridade digital, a história digital e estar entre os “primeiros” se tornou uma fonte de valor mais confiável. Como resultado, projetos há muito

Liczba bankomatów Bitcoin w USA wzrosła o 177% w ciągu ostatniego roku

Na całym świecie blisko 10 000 nowych bankomatów Bitcoin zostało zainstalowanych od 1 marca 2020 r. Obecna liczba maszyn wynosi 16 835 Od 1 marca 2020 r. liczba nowych bankomatów Bitcoin zainstalowanych na całym świecie zbliża się do 10 000. Według najnowszych danych z Coin ATM Radar, obecna liczba maszyn wynosi 16 835, co stanowi

Bitcoin worth more than US$70 million seized

Police seize $70 million worth of Bitcoin – but where’s the password? Many people appreciate Bitcoin mainly because of its decentralisation and the anonymity that comes with it. However, a recent example from Germany once again makes clear that this can also bring disadvantages and dangers. Recently, the German police convicted a man for installing

Hur ETF kan hjälpa Crypto Market

Bitcoin-börshandlade fonder? Hur ETF kan hjälpa Crypto Market Med det nya valet för chefen för Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) – Gary Gensler – som ger en mängd kryptokunskap till rollen, kan tiden vara rätt för en kryptobörshandlad fond (ETF). Även när det institutionella kapitalet och intresset fortsätter att vända sig mot kryptoassettsektorn fortsätter bristen

The race to catch up begins: DeFi tokens shoot up

Bitcoin is breaking one all-time high after the other and a lot has happened in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector in recent weeks. Several tokens reached new highs and recorded price increases of up to 80 percent. The DeFi monitor The DeFi-Monitor is back and a lot has already happened in the first week of

Scratched off the map and ridiculed by the SEC, the unloved Ripple is appealing to the White House.

Last hope for XRP? – Ripple Labs has experienced a veritable descent into hell since the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) labeled its XRP token as a security. In order to turn the situation around one last time, the community grouped around the interbank token has launched a petition to the White House. A petition

Bitcoin-walvisclusters wijzen $18,6K aan als sleutelweerstand op korte termijn

De Bitcoin walvisclusters laten zien dat het $18.600 niveau het belangrijkste korte termijn weerstandsniveau is voor de BTC-prijs. De prijs van Bitcoin (BTC) is begonnen te herstellen op 12 dec. na gisteren kort onder 17.700 dollar te zijn gezakt. Walvisclusters tonen aan dat het $18.600 niveau de grootste kortetermijn wegversperring voor BTC blijft. Walvisclusters vormen


Una svendita delle scorte di tecnologia questa settimana non si è riversata sul mercato Bitcoin. Ciò è stato sorprendente, soprattutto perché le azioni tecnologiche hanno assorbito circa il 30% dell’indice S&P 500. Nel frattempo, l’indice di riferimento statunitense ha costantemente dimostrato la sua irregolare ma positiva correlazione con il Bitcoin. Entrambi i mercati si sono

Blockchain agricultural commodities trade to exploit world’s largest wheat market

Blockchain will speed up Europe’s grain trade. Blockchain agricultural commodities trade will exploit the world’s largest wheat marketNOTÍCIAS After two years of pilot testing, a blockchain financing and trading platform for global agricultural trade was launched by Swiss developer Cerealia SA. PayPal research shows that Brazilians don’t like to do TED and DOC due to

Disse Bitcoin-signaler svarer til dets glansdage i 2017

For Bitcoin-verdenen var december 2017 herlighedens dage og mareridtet, alt sammen pakket ind i en. I løbet af den måned og tilbagetrækningen, der fulgte, så verden, hvad der kunne ske, hvis hype omkring kryptokurver gav plads til virkeligheden Nu, næsten tre år senere, kræver Bitcoin Code pris for et tidsrum på 75 procent for at